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In February of 2017, Coyote Creek in San Jose, CA, spilled its banks and flooded surrounding neighborhoods. A total of 14,00O residents were forced to vacate their homes, and another 50,000 were urged to leave. Schools and Freeways were closed down and many had to be rescued from their houses by boats. Once the rain stopped, people began to deal with the mess left behind. Muddy footprints dressed the streets. Bright spray painted X's marked the doors of damaged homes, reminiscent of biblical stories. Picnic benches looked like floating coffins. Piles of damaged furniture, appliances, mattresses, and whatever else was ruined, were stacking up outside of homes.


Ron, a local resident explained with tears in his eyes, "After the rain people just emerged...and it was beautiful. I mean, you could meet your neighbor. But everybody was out here. I met so many people! It was comradery."  Ron helped build these neighborhoods years ago. 

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